Luben Glass: innovative machines for mould maintenance and control

Luben Glass’ new VR1 provides ultra-fast polishing

Luben Glass presents two innovative machines that are, the company says, fundamental for the correct maintenance and control of moulds.

Ten years after the presentation of its patented polishing system, non-destructive for moulds and plungers, Luben Glass is now presenting the new VR1, with which, thanks to new developments, provides ultra-fast polishing (less than 1 hour) can be obtained, regardless of the internal shape of the moulds and their dimensions, and less than 30 minutes for plungers.
This new machine is available in diverse lay-outs as per the number of moulds to be polished, and can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading both of polishing material and items to be polished. Moreover, it can also be equipped with systems for the recognition of the weight loaded on the vibrating table to guarantee the correct setting of the table itself. The machine, which does not require the use of specialized labour, is ideal for polishing without removing the material and thus ensuring the invariability of mould volume and the life of the moulds.
The LMS V1 uses laser scanning technology and is able to detect all the measurements of the mould, compare them with the project data and return a precise and certified volume measurement, all in less than 5 minutes. The machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading with pallets, thus enabling to control the moulds quickly and automatically.

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