LONGLASS introduces NorthGlass’ Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace

In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, LONGLASS is always ready to introduce advanced equipment

Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. As a glass deep processing enterprise with rapid development, LONGLASS is well aware of this truth.
In 2009, LONGLASS introduced a coating line, in 2016, the company introduced an intelligent glass deep processing system at a high cost and officially put it into production in 2018. This year, LONGLASS seems to speed up equipment upgrade again, as in March it purchased another heat soak furnace based on the original two heat soak furnaces.

After two months, LONGLASS once again purchased a Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace, at the present NorthGlass’ most high-end tempering furnace. The equipment arrived at LONGLASS on May 26 and installation began on May 27. It is planned to be put into production before August 1.

In April, LONGLASS officially passed the green product certification, and in recent years, it successively won projects such as Shenzhen MSU-BIT University. Therefore, no matter for the pursuit of product quality or for the requirements of glass safety in construction projects, LONGLASS has been moving forward in the direction of higher quality. The introduction of a NorthGlass’ Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace is another milestone in the pursuit of enterprise quality.
According to reports, the gapless forced convection technology equipped by the Top Series Glass Tempering Furnaces can combine the longitudinal convection temperature control accuracy with the transverse convection stress uniformly, so that optical and stress effects of the finished glass is excellent. The super symmetric heating technology with the extremely meticulous and symmetrical heating control point can control every detail of the glass heating.

The independent and intelligent heating control module is developed by NorthGlass in conjunction with professional manufacturers. It is sensitive, fast and it has strong anti-interference ability, making the heating control accurate and stable. In addition, the unique “super flat & spotless technology” of NorthGlass makes the stress pattern light and even.

The special high-temperature fan adopts high-temperature alloy materials, thermal bridge technology and passive heat dissipation, to ensure the efficient, energy-saving and stable operation of the equipment. With the advantages of Nano material heat preservation and substation control, the Top Series Glass Tempering Furnacecan not only produce high quality toughened glass, but also realize large-scale, efficient and stable production of high-quality glass. The Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace can help LONGLASS to pursue ultimate quality of toughened glass.

This time, LONGLASS introduced NorthGlass’ Top Series Glass Tempering Furnace, which will further strengthen its processing strength with the help of the leading R&D and manufacturing capacity of the tempering furnaces of NorthGlass, and rapidly expand the high-end market both at home and abroad of LONGLASS energy-saving glass in terms of production capacity and quality.