LiSEC’s digital fair: a virtual experience for flat glass processors

LiSEC's second virtual trade fair took place from 15 to 17 June 2021


LiSEC‘s second virtual trade fair took place from 15 to 17 June 2021: an interactive world experienced in virtual space. In its 60th year of business, LiSEC presented itself, once again, as a leading supplier in the field of flat glass processing.

In addition to three different theme days, interesting expert talks and many opportunities for interaction, three innovations from LiSEC were also presented to international visitors:

  • the new DSC-A cutting table,
  • the RHF A25/25 robot system for automatic frame mounting
  • the LiS.dispatch software programme.

LiSEC innovations within reach
At the LiSEC Campus, visitors moved through a future-oriented showroom concept – all about the latest machines and software as well as service, innovative individual and system solutions in the field of flat glass processing and finishing.

Adittionally, visitors experienced machine holograms, 3D models, product demonstrations, live presentations and insights into production.


The new LiSEC cutting table: DSC-A
On the first day of the fair, the new LiSEC cutting table DSC-A was revealed at the virtual campus. The automatic glass cutting machine of the series combines the latest drive technology with decades of LiSEC know-how in processing flat glass for every requirement. A completely redeveloped structure of the table as well as a new cutting bridge and a new cutting head improve the stability and precision of the cutting process. A powerful low-E deletion system with a grinding wheel in combination with a strong vacuum system for all common types of special coatings ensure a residue-free and fast low-E deletion result.

This first day of the fair was completely under the motto “We take care of it”. Three exciting expert interviews awaited the visitors:

  • a talk by the management team, “Management Insights: We take care of it”, addressed LiSEC’s core technologies,
  • the consulting concept,
  • the steps for a successful future and other topics.

In the talk “Technology Insights: We take care of it”, LiSEC experts from product management talked about guidelines and LiSEC core competencies in insulating glass, cutting, laminating, processing and software, among other topics. How LiSEC accompanies customers along their way and how customized solutions are found was the topic of the expert interview “Customized solutions: We take care of it”.


The new RHF A25/25 robot system for automatic frame mounting
On the second day of the fair, an innovation from the field of insulating glass production awaited the visitors: the RHF-A25/25. A system of fixed and dynamically moving clamps ensures optimum alignment and the safe transport of frames with butyl applied to both sides. The robot arm mounts the stably clamped frame precisely on the glass with high positioning accuracy.

This day at the virtual LiSEC trade fair revolved around the theme of “reliability.” With the longevity and robustness of LiSEC machines come issues of product maintenance (LiSEC Longlife, GLASTRONiC, LiSEC spare parts, etc.) – these were discussed in one of the three expert talks that took place that day. “Strong Partnership: Hubs” showed the new, optimized global branch structure at LiSEC and provided insights into the new processes or emerging benefits for the customer.

Finally, on the second day of the fair, a talk on “Strong into the future: Sustainability” took place, mainly focused on the advantages of sustainable options with LiSEC machines or software.


The new LiSEC Software: LiS.dispatch
The third day of the fair was generally dedicated to the innovations or industry novelties presented by LiSEC during this fair. In particular, an innovation from the field of software – LiS.dispatch – was presented.

LIS.dispatch provides straightforward support when planning entire delivery routes and throughout the complete delivery process by means of a mobile app. The smart device reports the current position of racks that have been delivered and provides confirmation through the customer’s signature and photos. The system also issues a real-time status overview of current deliveries.

The expert talks focused primarily on the future of glass processing. A management talk presented digitalization and the spirit of innovation at LiSEC, while two technical expert talks on the topics “Innovations: Thinking one step ahead” and on the topic of unmanned manufacturing rounded out the day’s content program.

LiSEC was pleased about a large virtual rush or interest on the exhibition days and registered numerous discussions with LiSEC experts worldwide as well as access to the interactive media. Whoever missed the LiSEC Campus within the exhibition period is welcome to sign up for their virtual visit: simply register at