LiSEC: TPA – automatic processing of thermoplastic spacer bars

TPA is the solution for modern insulating glass lines

LiSEC‘s TPA is a fully automatic system for applying thermoplastic spacer bars. It allows the highest flexibility by seamlessly switching between different dimensions of the glass. The stepless width adjustment allows switching between different spacer widths without the requirement for a waiting time.

TPA is the solution for modern insulating glass lines. The thermoplastic spacer system provides a warm edge in the insulating glass due to its high thermal insulation. Operation of the insulating glass line is greatly simplified by eliminating conventional frame production. Rather than requiring numerous consumables such as bar material, desiccant and butyl, the system only requires the thermoplastic material in the form of a drum. The high flexibility of the system enables a batch size of 1 and therefore ensures maximum productivity in insulating glass production.

With the LiSEC line concept, the assembly, gas filling, and pressing process steps satisfy the special thermoplastic spacer bar requirements. The permanent support of all glass lites sheets ensures the smallest tolerances in the unit thickness and in the positioning of the glass lites sheets in relation to each other. The line principle also applies to the logistics aspects. This makes it possible to consistently ensure the quality produced during application.