LiSEC hosts delegation from Dutch glass employers’ organisation

Members of the Dutch glass employers organisation were guests of Austrian flat glass technology leader LiSEC for a behind-the-scenes look at production facilities

The annual visit by the Dutch glass employers’ organisation, GBO (Glas Branche Organisatie) to a trade fair or leading glass firm touched down on 15 May 2014 at Austria’s LiSEC. The Dutch delegation visited the machine production department in Seitenstetten followed by a look behind the scenes at Winterglas GmbH, a LiSEC group company which is a centre for operators’ know-how. Here, flat glass is processed under real production conditions and new LiSEC developments are put through their paces.
Cara Stekelenburg, manager at Stekelenburg Glas B.V., said: “It was a very informative day for me. LiSEC has a comprehensive range of machines and software, as well as their own production locations that develop operators’ know-how. I think that is a unique combination”.