LiSEC: highlight interviews – LBH-B25ARS

LBH-B25ARS: automatic butyl extruder for fixed spacers

The butyl extruder LBH-B25ARS combines the latest metering technology with well-proven principles and decades of LiSEC expertise in the automatic butylation of fixed spacer frames.

How is the butyl extruder constructed and what frame sizes are possible?
The LBH-B25ARS is subdivided into inlet, coating and outlet zones for processing spacer frames up to a maximum size of 2500 by 2500 millimmetres.

How does the butyl extruder work with fixed spacers?
After the measurement of the spacer frame in the inlet area, both sides are evenly coated with butyl using a combination of horizontal and rotating movements. The butyl is applied in a CNC-controlled, high-precision, dynamic metering process. This ensures that the desired g/m quantity of butyl is applied to each section of the spacer frame with an application accuracy of ± 5 percent without interruption to the application of the butyl.