LiSEC.eye Live Support System

LiSEC.eye delivers an added advantage in online support

Thanks to LiSEC.eye, LiSEC‘s live support system, it is possible to find solutions quickly through video-streaming in real time.

LiSEC.eye is a digital solution that enables LiSEC to provide visual support in finding a solution. It significantly reduces the time required for service activities, and is available for just a small supplement to the basic machine price, regardless of the number of machines.

What advantages does LiSEC.eye offer?

  • Time savings due to immediate assistance during downtimes
    Customers will be immediately connected to a LiSEC service technician and cause rectification can be initiated via an interactive video conference.
  • Screenshots and whiteboards
    Customers can take screenshots and view them together with the LiSEC service technician. Comments can be made in the same way as on a whiteboard.
  • Manuals and knowledge database
    Customers receive access to the new “MyLiSEC” customer portal. All of their cases, including status, service-related documents and a list of all of their machines including access to wiring diagrams and operating instructions, as well as their LiSEC software products, are documented there.
  • On mobile end devices and in web browsers
    Customers can use the devices they already have, no matter whether laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Mobile phone-optimised live video
    Transmission of the live video is optimised according to the available data connection. This allows customers to establish a connection even with a low bandwidth mobile signal.