Lipex: single fibre applicator for fibre glass sizing application

WH Lipex, a German glass fibre enterprise, sent us the following press release

WH Lipex, part of Woollard & Henry Group, is a Munich based fibre glass technology Company supplying know how from raw materials to finished fibres worldwide.

Newly introduced and developed coating module, the single fibre applicator allows coating individual glass fibres with wetting additives. On this single fibre applicator, the fibres are no longer in bundles on the applicator but individually displayed. This ensures that all individual filaments are better enclosed with wetting additive (sizing).
This performance increases significantly the amount of wetting additive on the fibres and thus improves the bonding possibilities to the other materials in which the glass fibres are embedded.

The main advantages for this of applicator are mainly:

  • Increases the mechanical properties of the end product,
  • New possibilities for weight reduction and cost reduction
    without losing mechanical properties for end products.

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