Lindes opens H3 factory

Lindes’ third factory has the capability able to produce 140,000 square meters of glass per year.

Lindes, with their modern facility based in Tlatilco close to Mexico City, is the leading Mexican company for fabrication and distribution of insulating glass. There are now 3 factories producing more than 2,000 square meters per day. The third factory, named H3, just opened this year and has a production area of 4,000 square meters, able to produce 140,000 square meters of tempered and insulating glass every year.
As a key part of the recent expansion, Ashton Industrial installed a furnace batching line with fully automatic systems for arrissing/seaming, laser logo marking and edge deletion. Further expansions are scheduled for the coming years, and Ashton looks forward to playing an active role in the development of the Lindes facilities.
H3 has been designed for high environmental efficiency, with 3,600 square meters of solar panels and rain water harvesting that provides for 75 percent of the total needed for production and human consumption. This ties in with Lindes’ operation statement, their commitment to quickly bring the benefits of sustainable clean and affordable energy to as many people as possible. Free advice to architects and planners, manufacturers of commercial refrigerators and architectural glazing systems manufacturers is provided.
More information can be found at: Pictures of prestigious projects performed by Lindes are archived at:

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