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LIJIANG Glass: Why recommend TPS/4SG automatic sealing robot line

To free you from the production of manually sealed insulating glass units and its inefficiencies, LIJIANG Glass has brought a new solution.

With the TPS fully automatic sealing robot line, it’s possible to upgrade the LIJIANG Glass insulating glass production line with spacer bending, filling and coating from an entry-level configuration to a fully automatic production line.

The main advantage of the new TPS automatic sealing robot line is the reliable gear pump precision sealant dispensing technology, which ensures extremely high sealant dispensing accuracy. This flow-controlled glue dispensing function can accurately measure the sealant depth and spacer width of the sealant and then apply the required amount of sealant.

The TPS fully automatic sealer is not only a piece of equipment, but also a manifestation of the glass processing technology that strives for excellence. It is a system solution for efficient insulating glass manufacturing.

The time-consuming and complex processing problems common in insulating glass production are greatly simplified by directly coating the thermoplastic spacer material on the glass surface. There is no need to stock a variety of different spacer frames or joints. During the coating process, you can change the width of the side spacer at any time according to your needs without stopping to adjust.

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