LIJIANG Glass tips on installing an insulating glass production line

LIJIANG Glass gives some installing notes and tips for automatic insulating glass equipment.

  1. Site conditions should include a 380V AC power supply, industrial tap water source and drainage ditches. Most of the automatic insulating glass equipment are 380V, mainly to maintain the stability of the equipment. A clean tap water source and smooth drainage are to assure that the cleaning of the machine works well.
  2. Correctly place the feeding section frame, washing section frame, drying section frame, discharging section frame, control cabinet and ventilation chassis. If they are not placed in order, work efficiency will be reduced and, secondly, product quality will not be up to standard.
  3. Adjust the support to adjust the level of the whole machine, with a tolerance of 1.5 millimetres and a vertical tolerance of 3 millimetres (only the feed section is allowed to be higher than the discharge section).
  4. After the longitudinal level of the whole machine meets the requirements, connect and tighten the four-section frame (the frame is equipped with a pair of connecting bolts).
  5. Apply glass sealing to the gaps between the feed section frame and the washing section frame, the cleaning section frame and the drying section frame to prevent water leakage in both places.
  6. Connect each transmission system according to relevant standards.
  7. The water tank should be cleaned before filling it with water.
  8. After installation and adjustment, test run according to the operating sequence specified in this manual.
  9. When washing the smallest size glass pieces, do not place them parallel to the transfer roller.

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