LifePlan thrives in new reality, inspiring its partner, Forglass

We received from Forglass the following press release

LifePlan, a non-profit developmental program for teenagers, had a very good run for two years before the whole world changed due to the COVID19 pandemic; the global crisis became a catalyst for LifePlan to make changes in its business model that not only will allow it to continue its mission during the time of social distancing, but will actually make it thrive in the new reality

LifePlan was created by the well-known Polish polar explorer and traveller Marek Kamiński, and is presently supported by the Marek Kaminski Foundation and partner organizations. Forglass, the glass melting technology supplier from Poland partnered with LifePlan from the very beginning and continues to be its main financial supporter.

In the spring of 2020, the program’s management and partners recognized that with the social distancing, necessary during the pandemic, different solutions were needed and that simply offering a virtual version of the program was not going to be enough. And since necessity is very often the mother of innovation, LifePlan has been re-invented and re-structured, so that not only is it able to continue to provide valuable experiences and learnings to kids that need it, but to do it in a much more efficient and effective manner.

One of the goals of this process was to increase the reach of the program domestically and to also introduce LifePlan in other countries outside of Poland. To achieve that, the formula had to be changed.

Since small groups can continue to meet even during outbreaks of the virus, a new Teacher Training course was created to share and teach competencies to many more volunteers, who will be able to guide their pupils through the program. The training course can be conducted on-line and it provides teaching licenses to volunteers. The additional benefit of this training is that it standardizes the teaching methods for all instructors. Marek Kamiński, LifePlan’s creator, has modified his Polish Method to better function with this new formula. He has also added new experiences to the program in order to teach other, important principles.

LifePlan’s reach will initially be expanded by partnering with Fundacja Szczęśliwej Drogi (Safe Journey Foundation), which will send 40 of their children to summer camp in August of this year, followed by the 300 more, currently under their care, from Warsaw and Lodz.

LifePlan is also making arrangements with Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, India, to reach an additional 400 kids that desperately need their help. This new approach allows for exponential growth of the program, which is likely to result in thousands, even tens of thousands of kids worldwide, benefiting from LifePlan in the future.

The new paradigm created by LifePlan has become an inspiration for its partner – Forglass. By adopting the “sharing is having more” attitude, Forglass is already breaking the rules of business in the glass industry. Rather than ‘fighting’ with other furnace suppliers over market share, Forglass intends to support them with their new technology, especially outside of Europe. Piotr Knast, the company’s President and CEO claims that breaking through the mental barrier of scarcity gives him the chance to really grow the business and to sail his ship in the ‘blue ocean’ of abundance. In the long-term, this strategy is likely to bring better results for everybody.

Change is the only constant in our World and we are proud that LifePlan can also change, adapt and thrive, no matter the circumstances. By taking care of our kids, we can assure a better future for them and for ourselves. If you are an individual or organization, who wants to get involved in this important initiative, or if you know of such organizations, you can help us spread the news. Simply write to and we will make sure the connection is made, or contact Marek Kaminski’s Foundation directly: +48 607 900 033 or

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