Libbey EMEA continues co-creation of glassware with bartenders

Following the second edition of Libbey EMEA’s The Glassology by Libbey Design Competition, the global glassware producer has launched a new design, The Gats, from Belgian bartender Yochen Verbeeck

Renowned for delivering a variety of strong and elegant glassware to the retail, foodservice and B2B channels, Libbey EMEA is continuing its successful collaboration with bartenders to create winning glassware collections via The Glassology by Libbey Design Competition.

Now in its second edition, the competition invites experts in the high-end drinks industry to create relevant and exciting glassware designs, which are then judged by an expert panel, with the winning glass design taken into production by Libbey.

At this year’s final, which was held in Amsterdam in May, Belgian Yochen Verbeeck, a bartender at Cocktails at Nine in Antwerp, was crowned the winner.

Yochen’s winning glassware design, The Gats, was inspired by the 1920s – The Great Gatsby and Art Deco – which is evident in the smooth, curved lines, smooth forms, polished surfaces and elegant and stylish Art Deco details of the glasses (Rocks and Highballs). Furthermore, Yochen was inspired by a vase from his grandmother’s house.

Yochen said, “I brought my love for my family, art and history together in one design. I wanted to keep it simple and let the glass speak for itself.”

According to the judges, The Gats, is a sophisticated design that delivers a drinking experience that stays with you long after the last sip has disappeared.
The jury praised Yochen’s design for being beautiful and having a fantastic back story. “Yochen presented us with a beautiful glass, a compelling back story and even filled his glasses with a couple of great-tasting cocktails,” said Simon Difford on the jury.

The Gats is now available for retail – in two capacities, Rocks and High-Ball; sold in a bulk carton of 12 it has curving and smooth forms, an art deco look and it is durable and perfect for all type of drinks.

Throughout the year, The Gats will be promoted at several events and bar shows around the world.