LandGlass Opens Technical Centre to Serve Entire Europe

On December 18, 2014, ABM SRL of Italy was officially announced to be one of LandGlass’ strategic partners.

The two companies agreed to establish a technical center to serve customers in Europe and North Africa. The service centre will be located in Rome of Italy as its convenient transport networks will allow LandGlass to make more prompt response to the service requests from Europe and North Africa.

The international service team of LandGlass selected ABM SRL of Rome, Italy after careful review of five European service companies specializing in glass-tempering furnace maintenance. The area company head-quartered is in southern Europe, adjacent to France and Austria, close to both Spain and North Africa. In addition to its geographic advantages, the visa-free policy among EU countries along with a highly developed air and land transport network allow ABM service engineers to reach our customers in no time. The ability to provide on-site service in Europe and North Africa is the main reason for LandGlass to establish such a service centre.

Imagine that the tempering furnace encounters a problem while you were working day and night to meet the delivery deadline. What would you do? Shutting down the machine and requesting for after-sale service might be the only thing you could do at the moment. But the duration of machine downtime means more than just a loss of money and efficiency to you. It could also jeopardize your credit with customers. Time is everything! However, if you are one of LandGlass’ customers, you have nothing to worry about. The professional service personnel from its Europe technical service centre will rush to your scene right away should this ever happen to you.

The service staff LandGlass hired for its Europe service centre are all professional service engineers with years of after-sale service experience in the region. They have been systematically trained and certified for qualification to ensure reliable technical service and customer support. This arrangement has also successfully overcome the possible difficulties in job performance due to a language barrier.

Through its European Service Centre, LandGlass is now more responsive to after-sale service requests. Moreover, LandGlass hopes that this service center can facilitate the company to render scheduled routine maintenance on all LandGlass’ equipment sold throughout Europe and North Africa. Scheduled maintenance will focus on routine inspection and service, providing machine maintenance and process-advisory training based on actual performance. The program will help customers to optimize their LandGlass tempering furnaces, creating sustainable value for our customers.

With this LandGlass Service Centre up and running, we will be able to provide more comprehensive and timely service for our customers in the entire Europe and North Africa region.

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