LAMMY SYSTEM 2 by RCN SOLUTIONS, on the way to Romania

LAMMY SYSTEM 2, the RCN glass laminating machine that takes advantage of later upgrading and increase of production by the installation of optionals, is taking the road to Romania.

Thanks to the local partner, Abitare CG srl, who is working with dedication and professionalism, RCN SOLUTIONS is well positioned into the Romanian market for both machines and REVA BF.


The cooperation started in 2015 and since that date the two companies have been working and growing together sharing problems and goals. Today, several machines have been sold and quite substantial square meters of REVA BF are being delivered every month.

The Lammy System 2 is the most demanded laminating machine because it is very versatile, suitable for both flat and curved glass. The structure is very solid, shelves are built to keep the flatness in presence of thick, heavy glass too, an important key point in the laminating process. The lifting platform can load up to 2000Kg and each shelf is connected to a single aspiration pump for best vacuum control.

But the heart of the kiln, the component without which the machine would not have reason to exist, is the Silikosoft bag, the vulcanized vacuum bag with the special sealing system designed by RCN and granting consistent performance and durability.

The heating based on the “Hybrid Pro” system, radiation and convection, allows the heat uniformity inside the laminating chamber all the cycle long, for perfect output.

Basically, a good lamination is a combination between the machine performance and the quality of the interlayer. Both represent a crucial point to grant superb adhesion, crystal transparency and excellent end product.

RCN laminating machines fully respond to the most demanding enquiry for top quality results.

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