LamiPress from Hegla

Hegla’s LamiLine technology provides a flexible solution for laminated glass processing.

The LamiPress from Helga has been designed to provide glass processors with greater output capacity in shorter timescales.
Tailored to the needs of individual glass manufacturers, the LamiPress can be specifically configured to provide the highest quality LSG units that conform to all industry standards.
The idea behind the concept is to enable customers to further develop their product lines. As different materials can be combined in a single batch, such as foil with different glass types of varying thicknesses, this gives customers greater business potential.
Float, toughened, or patterned glass can easily be integrated with other materials such as stainless steel or fabric during the lamination process. Other technical advantages enable the use and combination of various film types such as printed PVB, SentryGlass, EVA or TPU during the production process.
With a short cycle time of just 45 minutes, the LamiPress provides a number of energy-saving benefits including an eco-friendly, heating and cooling system.  The compact design requires no pre-lamination and saves valuable space on the production floor.
Equally, for processors with limited space, the LamiStore offers an ideal space-saving storage system where both prefabricated and cooled laminated safety glass can be used, all of which sits directly above the LamiPress.  Depending on the specific material used, this storage system enables proper cooling of finished units.
The cooling process provided by the LamiStore saves energy as less heat is lost and the LamiPress requires less time to heat up for the next laminated glass production run, which helps to speed up the entire manufacturing process.
Steve Goble Managing Director Helga UK said: “Apart from specialist laminated glass the use of laminated glass is increasing substantially in the UK and will continue to do so. Hegla has substantial experience within this field and a comprehensive range of equipment used extensively in markets such as Germany where technical developments have advanced more as laminated glass is by far the most dominant safety glass used. In order to gain a competitive edge in this industry it is imperative to accurately cut, break and separate glass as fast as possible during the production process.
“With additional options on the range of equipment such as twin soft coat edge deletion, automatic PVB overlap trimming, and high speed separation reducing heat in the glass along with automatic off-cut storage and re-use, manufacturers will gain a competitive advantage.”