KYP: reinforcing personal infrastructure; improving engineering capacity

KYP is creating a reinforced personal infrastructure and improving engineering capacity

Confirming its continuous aim of innovation, KYP is working with a local university, is reinforcing its personnel structure and improving its engineering capacity.

KYP is working on a big new project in a move to be ready for the new market and customers, creating a reinforced personal infrastructure and improving engineering capacity.
Company policy has always been that of working with innovation and, at present, KYP is working in collaboration with the local university.
The following text is a translation of an article appeared in EL PAIS, one of the biggest newspapers in Europe:
“KYP Accesories has become the first company in innovation in the sector
Quality, service, and innovation. The three axes that have led KYP Accessories to position itself as the first company in the world in innovation and a level of customer satisfaction of 4.31 out of 5.
The needs of the chemical/pharmaceutical sector, are becoming more demanding, so to adapt to these requirements, KYP Accesories has come a long way since its beginning in 1992, performing since then a process of continuous improvement, both products and production lines, always using the latest technology in the market applied to the manufacture of ampoules, from 1 to 25 ml, this has allowed KYP gain the confidence of the largest groups in the sector.
KYP Accesories, anticipating the deep crisis experienced in Europe, began in 2009 to expand to other markets, and decided to open up to the Asian market, culminating in this way a process of internationalization exporting 98% of its production volume to a total of 48 countries on the five continents.
The desire always present in KYP about innovation and improvement in production has led its equipment to the highest technological and productive levels, factors always accompanied by quality, as their products are the most technological in the glass sector and always made to satisfy the requirements of each client.
KYP Accessories has established itself as the preferred choice in the market, considering its customers as partners and path companions, with pre and after sales service very close to the customer, anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the new resources that today we have at our disposal, as Skype, WhastApp, WeChat, etc., tools for everyday use.
Its corporate strategy is based on their highest mission: That customers can produce more and better.
But within this strategic policy there is an element that certainly makes a difference for a company, that started as a small personal project and has achieved this position so outstanding among multinationals with many more resources: The presence of professionals who, thanks to their experience and thorough knowledge of the sector, together with the constant visits to customers and manufacturers, have made possible a work of R&D able to create machines that produce faster and with better quality level, a human talent difficult to achieve and match.”

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