Kibing Group Talent Overseas Program (TOP)

Kibing Group, one of the fastest growing glass companies in China, started its first glass float line in 2005 and over a span of 10 years, it now has 23 float lines in six production bases in China. In 2017, Kibing Group will have two more float lines in Malaysia.

Besides float glass, Kibing started producing processed glass (toughened, laminated and insulated) as part of its vertical integration. In view of the rapid expansion, the company has set up an office in Singapore to market its wide range of glass products, where more than 10 sales and sales support staff cover the entire global market. This is, however, just the first step.
At a recent sales strategy workshop, Kibing Singapore outlined its five-year plan to have a stronger presence in the global market. By the end of 2020, the company plans to have 12 full-time Country Managers based in strategic countries who will report to the Singapore office. Beyond 2020, the company is planning to set up satellite offices in key markets.
“Kibing is where it is today because of the bold decisions that our pioneers made. We will continue to take bolder steps to keep up with the market changes and as people is an important asset to the company, we decide to invest in people around the world,” said Helen Chang, GM of Kibing Singapore.
“Knowing where we plan to be is very important. The next step is to accept where we are today and start walking. Our Talent Overseas Program (TOP) allows us to walk towards our destination,” said Jason Sim, Marketing Manager of Kibing Singapore.
“TOP is an integrated program for Kibing to find the right person to be our Country Managers in 2-4 years’ time, with two positions that we are currently looking for.”
From the referrers and sales agents, Kibing hopes to find candidates who are familiar with the glass industry in their country to take on a full time role as the Country Manager over the next 2-4 years. An added advantage is that these people will also know more of Kibing to effectively represent the company in their respective markets.
The business environment is much more dynamic than previously with many companies struggling to keep abreast of its changes. By taking a flexible approach in recruiting talent, Kibing hopes to increase our coverage of the market and have the right person at the right place in time to come.”
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