Keraglass: iPlotter – full digital in an integrated line

With iPlotter, Keraglass completes its range of systems for glass decoration, focusing on an integrated process addressed to industrial concerns of the latest generation

The final frontier in digital printing is called iPlotter. This integrated line completes the Keraglass range of glass decoration products with an innovative high-tech system that aims to meet industrial needs of the latest generation.

A digital ink jet plotter incorporating drop-on-demand technology, iPlotter is designed specifically for printing glass using special inks to reproduce decorations, images and photographs for architectural structures in all sectors.

iPlotter can be integrated in a production line that starts with the glass loading phase, printing and drying, and ends with unloading of the sheets with the print already dry so they can proceed to downstream lamination or tempering operations. The whole process forms a fully automated system, including the print heads cleaning phase.

At the heart of the system is a ceramic ink printer capable of reproducing any type of image on glass with resolution of up to 2880 dpi in the HD model.

The printer delivers a series of benefits in terms of production flexibility, fast design and execution, plus ease of management and maintenance. With the new version able to accommodate up to 24 print heads that can operate with inks and effects, iPlotter offers plenty of room, both literally and figuratively, to incorporate any present or future idea or application requirement.

Reserving ample margins for future solutions is a key factor in a fast changing world. Already today, from the graphic PC monitor to the finished product, there are no limits to the creativity of architects and designers in sectors ranging from the automotive industry to domestic appliance design and production and the interior design field.

The sector’s transition to Industry 4.0 is ongoing, but Keraglass has hit the ground running, seizing the opportunities and advantages of the digital revolution and occupying its customary position at the forefront of the global reference market.

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