Keraglass and Puteolana, a natural understanding

Top quality with Vision 700 Convection

The meeting between Keraglass and Vetreria Puteolana, a company founded in 1997 by Angelo Testa – who was subsequently joined at the helm by his brother Lorenzo – and which over the decades has become a benchmark for glass manufacturing throughout southern Italy, is a partnership in the pursuit of Italian quality.

The company’s leadership has been handed on to the next generation of the family and is now strengthened by the acquisition of Vision 700 Convection, a tempering furnace that encapsulates the values of the Keraglass brand.

“Even in a delicate period like the one we are going through, we have not stopped pursuing the path of quality,” commented Angelo Testa, “which is why the decision to opt for Keraglass products was a natural one, not only because a furnace like the Vision 700 gives us guaranteed reliability that other competitors simply cannot offer, but also because we share the same company values.”

“Every time an Italian company chooses our products I am glad and proud,” added Stefano Spezzani, Founder & R&D Director at Keraglass Industries, “because I feel that there are still enlightened entrepreneurs like the Testa family, who understand the difference between a product of genuine quality and one of fleeting quality. For us, being present in an important manufacturing area such as Pozzuoli is another milestone in the development of a network of partnerships with quality companies.”

The Puteolana plant is a glassworks specialising in various processes including lamination, IG unit and tempering. By incorporating the Vision 700 Convection into its tempering line, the Pozzuoli-based firm aims to raise the standard of glass it produces to unprecedented levels in terms of mechanical and thermal resistance, while retaining the same aesthetic properties.

All this is made possible by the distinctive characteristics of a furnace with state-of-the-art engineering, which calibrates the heating phases on the various areas of the glass sheet by means of independent radiant panels and an exclusive convection system above and below the roller bed. The result is operational flexibility and processing performance, which are driving a winning team founded on Italian manufacturing excellence.

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