Kdrills to approach the Iranian glass market

Kdrills participates at Iran Glass 2017

Kdrills began in 1997 with the manufacturing of diamond tools, especially drills, for the drilling and machining of glass, marble and granite.
In 2008 the company added new products: diamond wheels for bevelling machines, straight and bilateral and machining centers.
At Iran Glass Kdrills will present:
– diamond drills 1mm/3mm thickness for CNC machines and manual drills machines;
– segmented routers for cutting glass and stone (especially for CNC machinery);
– diamond wheels to profile and polish the edge of the glass, marble and stone slabs;
– diamond cup  wheels  for straight line machinery & double edg.mac.;
– all  types  of   wheels, segmented, continuos bands for any type glass and stone machinery.
Throughout the course of its 20 years in business, the company has continuously increased its expertise due in part to investments in research and development in order to be competitive in the worldwide market.