Jun Hao chooses SageGlass to supply dynamic glass to Chinese building market

Jun Hao Group Company Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, is partnering with SageGlass®, a product of Saint-Gobain, to supply the fast-growing Chinese building market with electronically tintable dynamic glass.

The agreement between Jun Hao, a supplier of building façade and curtain wall solutions in China, and Saint-Gobain – the world leader in sustainable building products – was unveiled today in Beijing. SageGlass was chosen after extensive industry research for its superior quality, technological leadership which includes more than 350 issued patents, as well as Saint-Gobain’s deep experience and global reputation in the building material industry.
SageGlass is electrochromic glazing that maximizes daylight and outdoor views in buildings while controlling glare and heat gain. It can darken or clear, manually or automatically, to save energy and help keep building occupants continuously comfortable throughout the day without blocking views or the connection to the outdoors.
Both companies believe dynamic glass will be an increasingly important building technology for the Chinese market, as the country aims to balance the huge demand for new buildings with the need for sustainable building practices. As China continues to build out its urban centers, architects and building owners are looking for a balance of sustainability and energy efficiency, while still engineering bold designs with an abundant use of glass.
“The market in China for SageGlass will grow rapidly as education and awareness of the product accelerates,” said Haijun Song, Jun Hao’s chairman. “China is committed to enhancing the sustainability of its buildings and to reducing energy consumption and carbon impact. SageGlass is an excellent fit in this regard. We were very impressed by the product’s ability to manage daylighting in a building while also maintaining a view through the window, even when fully tinted. This is a very innovative technology that will be well-received in the Chinese commercial and residential market.”
The agreement between SageGlass and Jun Hao is ground-breaking because it is the first partnership with a curtain wall manufacturer to deliver electrochromic glass to the Chinese mass market. SageGlass will be produced at its state-of-the-art high volume manufacturing facility in Faribault, Minnesota, USA, while Jun Hao will manage distribution and installation across China.
“We are proud that Jun Hao selected SageGlass as its dynamic glass partner after a rigorous vendor review process,” said Dr. Alan McLenaghan, SageGlass CEO. “Their decision reflects the quality and integrity of our product, our deep intellectual property leadership over this technology space, as well as the commitment by Saint-Gobain to develop this exciting technology and stand behind the product for the long-term.”
Architects and building developers serving the Chinese market are excited about the potential for SageGlass as well, according to Xiaoguang Zhang, principle of the Seattle office of Beijing-based ZO Architects. Zhang helped Jun Hao conduct research of the dynamic glass options. “Jun Hao is looking forward to adding SageGlass to its portfolio as an innovative solution for advanced solar control. The decision to partner with them became a clear choice based on our thorough research. We recommended SageGlass after visiting several of their large projects around the United States as well as visiting their manufacturing plant in Minnesota. The team came away very impressed by the product, projects and the passionate commitment of their people,” added Zhang.