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ISRA Vision: Production Management Intelligence Solution provides digital support for optimum glass manufacturing processes

Information transparency and process analysis: data evaluation as a management tool in glass manufacturing, enabling to maximize production speed without any loss in quality.

A new Production Management Intelligence Solution now enables glass manufacturers to increase process transparency and optimize workflows. Supported by data, the production speed can be maximized without any loss in quality, manufacturing can be made more flexible, and perfect glass products can be achieved reliably. At the same time, quality decisions are made on the basis of facts and a data foundation for proving quality to customers is created.

Production Management Intelligence Solutions deliver data analysis and KPIs, merge data from inspection systems and production plants, and intelligently link them together. This allows production processes to be optimized by increasing the line speed while maintaining the same quality. Yield can be heightened through improved maintenance intervals, while data-based selection of raw materials also raises product quality.

In the glass industry, digitalization and globalization are increasing cost pressures, while simultaneously constant availability is driving up customers’ quality requirements. This is where intelligent, automated inspection systems can play a crucial role: They enable efficient quality assurance while also generating vast quantities of crucial data. This data is also becoming more and more important, as the increased pressure inside and outside companies means that a sound decision-making basis is expected.

Most companies have the data required for this, but many lack an appropriate software solution or evaluation grid and KPIs. With EPROMI, ISRA presents an ideal Production Management Intelligence Solution for such cases. Data is analyzed and processed specifically for glass manufacturing – although the solution is also available for other sectors – and is based on 30 years of experience for this application. Compared to similar products, EPROMI is extremely powerful and competitively priced, offering a fast return on investment. The industry-specific software immediately checks various production and quality data from the manufacturing processes, condenses it and uses it to generate valuable information.

Its intuitive handling meets typical requirements: Inspection results and process parameters are displayed in clear cockpits, with customers able to choose between standard and custom cockpits. Detailed information or graphical overviews are available for quality managers or heads of production, making EPROMI universally applicable. Furthermore, this Production Management Intelligence Solution is a “plug & play” application – ready for use straight away, producing results immediately, and easy to operate without expert knowledge.

This enables glass manufacturers to achieve maximum quality and increase their yield, as they can rely on optimum, cost-efficient information on processes and products at all times.


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