IPT Glazing Sealant combines the best attributes of high and low modulus silicone sealants

Polyseam presents its new IPT Sealant, which is a one part, ready to use sealant and adhesive has the strength of a high modulus product combined with the flexibility a low modulus sealant.

The new IPT Sealant from Polyseam combines, says the UK-based company, the best elements of high and low modulus silicone sealants to provide the glazing market with an all purpose sealant. The one part, ready to use sealant and adhesive has the strength of a high modulus product combined with the flexibility a low modulus sealant. It has been developed and is produced in the UK and overcomes the need for installers to carry a range of sealants with them as it is suitable for the vast majority of glazing and fenestration applications and substrates.
Andrew Sutulic, managing director of Polyseam, said: “This product has been developed by our company around innovative, new Inert Polymer Technology (IPT). We realized that many fitters and installers, whilst skilled at their actual craft, did not always have the in-depth technical knowledge to understand the complexity of choosing the right sealant or adhesive. There is a vast array of products on the market, all of different grades and suitable for use on different substrates but selecting the right one can be very difficult. If you make the wrong choice then the consequences could be serious and costly.”
IPT Glazing Sealant is ideally suited for sealing joints, voids and irregular holes found around windows and door frames and provides an airtight and watertight seal. IPT is a non-reactive, environmentally friendly polymer that is compatible with the majority of commonplace building materials. It has the unique capability of moving dynamically to accommodate the natural or unexpected movement of sealed or bonded joints, but combines this with the strength of a high modulus sealant, an attribute being termed ‘dynamic modulus’ by Polyseam. This capability is combined in a product which also has low dirt pick up, is non yellowing, fast curing and able to be applied for seal and joints on both internal and external applications, coping with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75° C.
The new product will be available through main building suppliers and comes in both 300ml cartridges and foils.
Based in Huddersfield, Polyseam has been developing and manufacturing sealants and adhesives for the own brand market for 20 years, and employs over 30 people.
The company is also developing a number of new brands including the IPT range of sealants and the ASF Passive Fire Protection product range. The ASF range includes sealants, collars, wraps and boards that help to ensure that both new builds and refurbished properties meet the latest requirements for air, sound and fire insulation.

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