Introducing Kirker & Greer in a bottle from Allied Glass

Allied Glass are delighted to introduce the strikingly stylish new Kirker & Greer bottle whose confident design perfectly reflects the brand’s unique personality whilst creating maximum on-shelf standout

Manufactured in the very finest extra white flint glass, the bottle features gently sloping shoulders, a rounded neck profile and embossing which creates an entirely unique bottle that is both tactile and visually appealing.

Michael Hogley, Allied Glass’ Design Director, said, “The boldness of the embossing on the Kirker & Greer bottle perfectly projects the spirit’s distinctive personality and helps to set it apart from the increasingly crowded Irish whiskey category.”

Kirker & Greer is the story of things lost and found, specifically two formidable whiskey producing legends, every drop of the spirit today celebrating their bold legacy. Meticulously sourced from the very best Irish distilleries, married and blended into unique expressions of Irish liquid gold.