Intelligent non-invasive method to analyze insulating glass gas fill

At Baku Glass 2016 Sparklike will display its non-destructive argon analyzers for insulating glass windows and doors.

One key feature in modern insulating glass (IG) unit is filling it with inert gas, and keeping the gas inside the unit for many years. The gas fill plays a significant role in thermal performance of an IG unit. Controlling and determining the concentration inside the insulating glass units requires effective and reliable tools to meet the increasing and tightening industry requirements. Sparklike equipment brings security to insulating glass manufacturers. Since year 2001, its products have been sold worldwide, and are used daily by world leading insulating glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window manufacturers.
Sparklike and Gasglass product line is based on proprietary and patented technology, which allows the insulating glass manufacturers to measure the concentration of insulating gas inside insulated glazing units—without having to break them. Nondestructivity allows the customer to deliver tested IG units, test already installed units or perform long term testing to their production.
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