Intelligent Glass presents its switchable glass applications

Switchable glass in flooring, staircases, balconies and more

Switchable glass is now being used on everything from glass stairs to switchable glass aquariums, and switchable glass flooring is one option that is seeing a variety of applications within spaces such as musuems and elevators.
Switchable floors in museums can be used as images to back up the details of an exhibition.
Offering a glance into the behind-the-scenes of an elevator is a cutting-edge finishing touch which can provide riders a whole new elevator experience.
Glass ceilings are often chosen for buildings that span over multiple floors. Used to showcase visually impressive scenes underfoot, a second-story glass floor also doubles up as a glass ceiling for the visitors on the ground. Serving as both the roof’s floor and a ceiling, a glass roof can offer the ultimate in incredible views.
One of the primary functions of switchable glass is that it combats privacy concerns. A switchable roof would serve to offer the best of both worlds – instant privacy or a stunning view of the sky – all at the press of a button.
The applications do not stop there. With this amazingly versatile technology, switchable glass can be used in a similar fashion on, for example, balconies, granting access to some incredible views both underfoot and above.