Inside Intermac Glass

An increasingly popular event

A few days after Inside Intermac Glass draws to a close, the figures paint an extremely positive picture. The event welcomed a host of visitors to a tech center which spans more than 1,000 square metres where the Made in Intermac technologies designed to meet the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 were on display. “Here at Intermac, we have decided to channel increasing investment into specialisation, and this is precisely why we organised this custom event, dedicated exclusively to the glass industry. Our decision was deeply rewarding. Indeed, we recorded an increase in attendance of over 30% compared to last year.” confirms Franco Angelotti, Director of the Glass & Stone Division/Commercial Area.

And that’s not all. 2017 is a special year for Intermac as the company celebrates 30 years of operation. The story of the business began long ago in 1987, when the design of the first Master work centre led Intermac to build the foundations of a company that was set to become the international leader in the glass, stone, and metal sector, a position which Intermac still occupies today. “Innovation is in the DNA of our company,” states Gianluigi Casadio, Director of the Glass & Stone Division. “When Intermac designed and developed the first machining centres, we brought technology and innovation to life at a time where most companies were still focused on manual operations. Today, it is almost instinctive to associate Intermac with NC work centres. This is yet another reason for which we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary with great pride.”  With a past like this, the future can only be bright. “Our goals are extremely ambitious and are designed to constantly enhance our product portfolio, strengthen our marketing network, and boost the level of service we offer even further,” the Industrial Director of Intermac confirms. “The recently-approved three year plan is clear. We must continue to grow, pursuing a precisely-delineated development programme that is designed to expand our product offering,  ensuring that our solutions are characterised by superior quality and by increasingly sophisticated technologies.”
The 4.0 solutions presented by Intermac are most at home when they are helping to shape the businesses of its customers, thus enabling them to meet the challenges posed by digital manufacturing. Indeed, at Inside Glass, Fiam Italia exhibited a number of objects that served as a tangible example of this, with the iconic “Ghost” chair deserving of a special mention, as it celebrated its 30th birthday with a special initiative, benefiting from the technological contibution provided by Intermac.

The results achieved by the Group only serve to support and confirm this belief. Indeed, in 2016, the Group hit a turnover of Euro 618 million, an increase of more than 19% compared to the record 2015 figures, crowning the Group as number one Italian player in the sector, and number two worldwide in terms of revenue.  Inside Intermac Glass is a truly immersive experience, which the company states continues to amaze even after the event itself has come to an end. It invites customers and visitors to be proactive and to think ahead, inspired by the spirit of the Thinkforward revolution.