Inauguration of a new laminated glass recycling plant

Phoenicia and Clear Glass Solutions open a new laminated glass recycling plant in Israel

Phoenicia and Clear Glass Solutions Ltd. (CGS) officially inaugurated a new laminated glass recycling plant. The two companies celebrated the event in the new facility located within Phoenicia’s courtyard.

From the right: Eyal Zagagi, CEO of Phoenicia, and Eran Haimovich, CEO of CGS

Being the only plant of its kind in Israel, CGS, aims to support a greener world by offering recycling solutions for laminated glass sheets. Mr. Eran Haimovich, Co-Owner and CGS plant owner (formerly Phoenicia’s CEO) believes that this plant is necessary to support all the lamination glass producers in Israel as well as other producers outside of Israel.
Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries is a mass producer of laminated glass products. It produces about 3,300 tons of laminated glass monthly, thus becoming the biggest customer for the new Clear Glass Solutions plant.

Through this recycling process, Phoenicia succeeds in reducing the carbon demand and the environmental pollution. As well as the reduced use of energy, mineral mining and preventing landfill waste.

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