Important new developments at Immmes

Immmes has expanded its activities

Immmes announces an important new addition to its sales team. As of June 2022, Dr. Elisa Zanotti has been in charge of marketing and communication. But there have also been developments in other areas.

Regarding the upcoming challenges for the industry, Dr. Zanotti explained, “Not only environmental protection is increasingly coming into focus, but also sustainability as well as a culture of reuse and recycling. Today, our customers, the glass processors, have to face these great challenges.”

With this in mind, Immmes has expanded its activities and, with more than 30 employees today, is focusing on further improving its range of products and services.

Positive feedback from glass processors
The positive feedback from the market underscores these efforts: For example, in December 2021, Immmes was able to deliver its 500th water treatment plant. The company continues to work on constantly improving its product technology.

In addition, a new programme has been introduced to make it easier to use Immmes’ services with its own app that runs through several communication channels (from e-mails to phone calls to smart-phone notifications). This is already in use for new customers and will gradually be made available to existing customers.

The company has also increased its installation teams. Immmes is now able to manage three large construction sites at the same time with the help of the office staff.

1,800 square metres of added production capacity
Furthermore, the IT department has been enlarged, which is important because Immmes develops the control software for its plants in-house.

This is complemented by the expansion of the new factory (with an additional area of 1,800 square metres), which allows for easier management of the new additional production capacities.

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