Immmes achieves 500 installations and launches price-blocking action

In addition to achieving 500 systems installed in plants worldwide and increased capacity of serviced plants in the last 5 years, the Sales & Marketing Director announced a plan to to include the absorption of 50 percent of the price for the foreseeable future

In February, Immmes, a leading Italian company in the sector of integrated water purification systems for glassworks, held its annual closing meeting.

Standing out among the data presented was a remarkable achievement of 500 systems installed in plants worldwide. This is one of the most significant milestones that emerged during the company meeting where Paolo Reffo Scarso, Sales Director at Immmes, presented the results of a successful season.

Taking a look at some of the figures released to the press, the company’s top five markets outside Italy are the USA, Spain, France, Germany and Poland, while the total number of countries serviced is 41. The average capacity of serviced plants has gone from 87 to 123 cubic metres per hour in 5 years.

No less important is the announcement that Immmes executive staff have decided to include the absorption of 50 percent of the price increases that would otherwise fall on the final price of their products. It is an decision that will last as long as the cost of raw materials remains above the standard parameters of March 2021.

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