IGE expands machinery offering

GE will now be supplying Parker products, including window and door machinery


IGE’s product range now includes window, door and curtain wall machinery from US company Parker.

For more than four decades IGE Glass Technologies has been the home for complete solutions for the glass industry. Now IGE is pleased to expand on that vision once again with the addition of window, door, and curtain wall machinery.
IGE is defining the future as the North American home for high performance products by Parker. IGE will be supplying Parker products including window and door machinery (for aluminium and PVC), as well as curtain wall processing equipment, and industrial aluminium processing centres, and PVC seamless corner welders. As with every product line IGE handles, all relevant certifications have been achieved and standards met and exceeded.
Parker machinery immediately available from IGE includes:
* Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling & Milling Machines
* Aluminium Profile Double Head High Speed 3-Axis CNC Machine Centre
* High Speed Drilling-Milling 3 & 4 Axis Processing Centre for Curtain Walls
* 3-Axis Arbitrary Angle Cutting Saw with CNC
* Aluminium Alloy & PVC Profile Intelligent Cutting Centre with CNC
* Aluminium Digital Display Double Mitre Cutting Saw
* Alu-Door-Window- Four Corner Automatic Crimping Machine
* Alu-Door-Window Automatic Feeding Double Corner Crimping Machine
* PVC Window Seamless Welding Systems

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