IFEMA boosts Veteco with construction-related events Matelec, Construtec and Urbotica: “ePower&Building”

IFEMA is bringing together its main events related to the world of construction and the industry of electrical and electronic solutions with the aim of giving complete coverage to the whole building, construction and industrialisation cycle, linking together and boosting sectoral synergies under the concept “Madrid ePower & Building Innovation Show”.

MATELEC, VETECO, CONSTRUTEC and URBOTICA, leading professional events on an international level, will for the first time hold the largest macro sectoral event for Southern Europe and North Africa, over 8 halls at Feria di Madrid, between 25-28 October 2016, bringing together more than 1,200 companies and 60,000 professionals from around the world, connecting engineering, architecture, automation, industry and production processes, construction, redevelopment, infrastructure, transport and large projects.
In the context of EU targets for 2020, 2016 is a fundamental year in the new Spanish economic climate, linked to innovation in energy management, construction and industrialisation, all of them being fundamental strategic sectors due to their contribution to GDP, employment and export. That is why ePower&Building allows the best sectoral platform to be offered in order to activate the national market, showcasing the competitiveness of companies that operate in Spain, and strengthen the role of Spanish industry in the world. In the words of Raúl Calleja, Director of the four trade fairs encompassed in “ePower&Building”, “this is the space in which the Spanish industry says to the world what it is capable of doing and where it will gather those people that want to build and industrialise the future”. In order to boost this commercial focus, an intense transversal Hosted Buyers Programme focused on business opportunities will allow more than 1,000 national and international professionals to be invited, who will have B2B meetings with the exhibiting companies, facilitating marketing of the products and services presented by participating companies.
EPower&Building will be a big sectoral opportunity for conveying the transformation of construction, in its whole planning, projection and building cycle, as an instrument that creates a new relationship between cities, their services and infrastructures, their houses and their inhabitants. New materials, products and building solutions, infrastructures, town planning, connectivity, redevelopment, sustainability, networks, communications, energy efficiency will be the main topics for building Smart Buildings and Cities, one of the exhibition areas of MATELEC.
The convening power of MATELEC, VETECO, CONSTRUTEC and URBOTICA is focused on two levels: one transversal and synergistic in its requirements -engineering, industry, automation of processes, promoters and builders, architecture, facility managers, public managers of civil works and infrastructures, town planning, the tertiary sector, and so on. To this level the specific meeting of professionals for each one of the sectors of each event is added – installers, integrators, distribution, workshops, woodwork, renovation companies and redevelopment, etc.
Furthermore, over the duration of the events, and with the aim of showcasing these new concepts, an important communication and promotion campaign will be conducted in order to create awareness of the new solutions that are already found on the market. Guided visits will also be arranged, in small groups of professionals, of those buildings and developments in Madrid that best characterise the new ‘Smart City’ concept, smart building and smart living. It is a measure that will be accompanied by a strong media campaign, created to showcase the renovation processes of installations and the renovation of spaces to be changed in line with this new model.
MATELEC puts its focus on the industrial sectors
MATELEC, the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry, realigns itself towards the industrial sector, focusing on the automation of industry and processes, and on particularly important sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, health, water, energy, transport, and so on. For 4 days, MATELEC will once again be the space where people are brought together to form the sector, from the manufacturer, to the distribution channel, installers and the final client. And in this edition there is a more industrial focus, with meetings and specific content for the different industrial segments. Thus the trade fair is restructuring its proposals into two large areas: MATELEC and the sectors of Electric Installations and Telecommunications, Lightec, Lighting solutions and URBÓTICA; and on the other hand, MATELEC INDUSTRY, with three large areas: AUTOMATEC, Automation of the Industry, Energy and Processes; Control Solutions and Industrial Energy Management; and Industrial Electronics.
This new structure aims, on the one hand, to strengthen the supportive role of MATELEC within the electric and telecommunications sector, offering a more effective response to the challenges identified and enabling commercial meetings on a mass scale with the different specific profiles of professional visitors. On the other hand, it aims to position itself and meet the real demands that are identified in the sector by building a space full of commercial opportunities facing the challenges and new business proposals posed by the new industry 4.0.
VETECO extends its offer with solutions for large-scale projects, façades and solar protection and control
VETECO, the International Window, Façades and Sun Protection Systems Trade Show, is one of the leading European professional events in this field and it represents a cutting-edge and very competitive sector on an international scale. In fact, it is the most important meeting in the sector for the south of Europe, in which the most important companies gather, with important planners, architects, promoters and contractors, ….as well as it being the professional meeting point for the whole distribution chain, ranging from the extrusion, system administrators, manufacturers, façade developers, machinery, to workshops, carpentry, installers and other professionals in the sector. A conference about important projects, façades and composite architecture, and another about Renovation and Redevelopment, which shall form part of the VETECO event.
The main agents and promoters of the market are brought together at this event, including window manufacturers and distributors (aluminium, PVC, wood, steel); lightweight façades (glass, aluminium…); roofs and skylights; glass; demotics and automatism; ironwork and accessories; garage doors – industrial; machinery, and services for the sector.
At this next edition one of the main innovations is the inclusion of the solar protection and control sector, under the name VETECO SOLAR. A new field with its own identity and event, which is specifically aimed at the Spanish industry, which has a leading role internationally for quality, innovation and competitiveness, in a country that is prominently solar. It is an event that covers the need for commercial meetings between the supply and demand sectors, as well as allowing plans to be made for next year by manufacturers of awnings, canopies, window shades, automatism and demotics, fabrics for curtains, screens and blinds, ironwork and accessories, machinery, etc. This exhibition offer will be complemented by the First Iberian Solar Protection Conference.
CONSTRUTEC confirms the reactivation of the marketing and role of the construction sector, with innovation in building materials and techniques
The Building Materials, Techniques and Solutions Trade Show, CONSTRUTEC, is the best showcase of the innovative effort of the industry, offering the latest advances made in materials, building processes, design, and sustainability of the whole construction and building cycle. With a very commercial, practical and functional focus, and taking place in 2016, an important and strategic year for the whole sector, activating commercial activity on the national market, and strengthening the role of the Spanish industry in the rest of the world, CONSTRUTEC will be the commercial meeting point for the construction industry. A strategic event to consolidate the promotion and visibility of new building materials and solutions in surfacing, coatings, prefabricated elements, cements, insulation, plasters, bricks, etc. Important commercial opportunities for new construction, infrastructure, town planning, civil works, industrialised construction,… and of course for renovation and redevelopment.
The transformation of housing, offices, industries, and spaces where inhabitants live together with their city, with their surroundings and with themselves becomes a reality thanks to the innovation and the way in which projection and construction is dealt with, with a commitment to sustainable, efficient development, and to creating a different added value in building and construction projects. It needs a commercial meeting opportunity that offers a connection between this offer and important builders, promoters, architects, designers and engineers.
Part of this exhibition offer will be presented at PIEDRA, the International Trade Fair for Natural Stone, which is one of the events with the longest track record in the calendar of IFEMA trade fairs, and which represents a very strong sector and one with a great exhibition capacity, which has allowed it to earn a very well-deserved international prestige, with Spain being one of the main suppliers worldwide due to its notable properties.
Participation tailored to the objectives of each participant
IFEMA will provide all of the commercial resources that are required, adapting them to the specific needs of each participating company, and in line with the Trade Fair in which it is present, with the aim to help them to achieve their objectives and obtain maximum profitability.
The commercial meeting of each one of the events will start its participation process just after the summer, with a first priority registration date with important benefits, which will end in March 2016. The “ePower&Building” team will carry out an important campaign of presentations, road shows, participation in sectoral events, organisation of sector-based conferences and talks.
For more information visit www.ifema.es.