ICG -11th workshop Montpellier (France) 8-12 July 2019

The 11th workshop for new researchers in glass science and application is to be held in Montpellier (France) 8-12 July 2019.

The 11th workshop for new researchers in glass science and application will be composed of two interwoven threads.

The first thread will overview fundamentals in glass science emphasising structure-property relationships, experimental techniques, material simulations and tools that probe structure. Specific properties and applications will be discussed e.g. optical behaviour, transport phenomena, nucleation and crystallisation, and strength.

The second thread this year will focus on glasses for hazardous waste immobilization, to echo the importance of the nuclear industry and other significant areas of waste disposal. Attention will be given to glass formulation and structure, longterm corrosion behaviour, as well as melting technologies for nuclear waste glasses. The lecturers will be world experts in their fields. A significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centred projects that will help participants to develop their understanding by applying what they know to specific issues.

A more complete programme will appear soon on the ICG website: www.icglass.org

Participation will be limited to 20 Glass Applications and 30 Glass Science applicants.

Pre-registration deadline 15 April 2019 by email to verres2019@mycema.fr.

Registration deadline 15 May 2019.