HyGear announces expansion into cylinder hydrogen market

Expected to start operations by the second half of 2017, HyGear will be supplying cylinder hydrogen gas. The filling station is supplied by our on-site hydrogen generation system; Hy.GEN, which is located in the new facilities of HyGear in Arnhem.

The initial station will have a capacity of 200 kilograms per day, with purity up to 9.0 (99.9999999%). In addition, it is designed to provide 300 bar for the cylinders and 250 bar for tube trailers. With this expansion, HyGear is able to support companies which require lesser and irregular supply of hydrogen.
‘This initiative will allow HyGear to use our filling site to supply cylinder hydrogen gas as well as to service our customers in the region as back-up supply,’ commented Marinus van Driel, CEO.