How to detect gas leakage in IGUs with Sparklike devices

Although Sparklike devices measure insulating gas concentration, they can detect gas leakage inside the IG units or whether the gas fill machine is broken. But how can Sparklike gas analysis devices notice if an insulating glass unit is leaking?

Why gas leaks are critical in insulating glass units
In modern construction, insulating glass units (IGUs) play a crucial role in providing energy efficiency and thermal comfort. These units consist of two or more glass panes separated by an insulating gas fill, typically argon or krypton.

However, over time, gas leakage can compromise the performance of IGUs. Some gas leakage is natural to happen, but if the IGU loses insulating gas fast it might mean there is a seal failure. This article outlines how to detect gas leakage with Sparklike device, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity of an IGU.

Gas leakage detection method
Sparklike devices measure noble gas Argon/Krypton, etc.) level in insulating glass units. Due to Sparklike Handheld and Sparklike Laser Portable’s mobility, measurements can be taken during the IGU’s life cycle. Conducting measurement throughout the IGU’s production and installation, a trend of gas levels can be noticed. Successive measurements taken from the same IG can indicate gas loss percentage. Therefore, if rapid loss of gas is detected it could mean the hermetic seal of the insulating glass unit is broken, either temporarily or permanently.

Measurement taken directly in the production line indicates the gas fill machines proper working. If the gas concentration is continuously too low, it might show that the there are problems with the machine. Therefore, Sparklike devices act as a quality check the IG-line functions and ensure high quality products.

Detecting insulating gas leakage in IGUs is vital for maintaining their energy-efficient properties. By measuring insulating gas concentration multiple times, users can identify leakage, undertake necessary repairs and implement preventive measures to ensure the longevity and performance of their insulating glass units.

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