HORN® rebuilds furnace for Sivesa

Container glass manufacturer CROWN Sivesa is based in Orizaba, Veracruz and is among the prominent container glass manufacturers in Mexico.

HORN received the order for a rebuild of Crown Sivesa’s Furnace A at the end of 2018 after already having commissioned a high-quality 360 t/d recuperative furnace B in spring 2018 for Crown Sivesa in Orizaba and a 450 t/d end fired furnace in late 2017 for Crown Vichisa in Chihuahua, Mexico.
The latest Furnace A project in Mexico included the repair of a 260 t/d recuperative furnace with two production lines for container glass with a melting area of 109 m² at container glassmaker Crown Sílices de Veracruz (Sivesa) in its Orizaba plant. The furnace is designed in appliance with the most advanced technology and a maximum melting output of 290 t/d to produce either 290 t/d flint or amber glass or 280 t/d green glass.

The HORN design guarantees an optimum of glass pull rate in respect of energy consumption, glass quality and stable conditions. For the heat recovery two combined type recuperators (consisting of tube bundle & double shell) were installed. HORN’s scope of supply included the entire refractory material and equipment, two steel recuperators, peripheral equipment as well as the heat-up and commissioning of the furnace.

HORN’s recuperative heated furnace is characterised by the preheating of the combustion air through recuperators. These are normally made of steel and may be double shell and/or tube bundle type recuperators. Specially developed air casing burners are used in this type of furnace to ensure an equal distribution of the combustion air around the burner lances.

Even though the construction works had to be stopped in March 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the HORN experts were able to continue with the heat-up and commissioning in mid July. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Sivesa, the new 260 tpd recuperative furnace was successfully put into operation in August 2020.

Even during a global pandemic, the HORN experts make sure to offer its customers excellent support and a helping hand at any time.

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