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HORN: high-performance furnaces and turnkey projects

Horn, manufacturer of glass melting furnaces, is now one of the leaders in implementing turnkey projects. Based in Germany, it has subsidiaries in seven countries and distributes its products worldwide.

At its location in Plößberg, Germany, HORN Glass Industries AG plans and makes glass melting technology and turnkey projects for the float and container glass industry. The company’s high-performance glass melting furnaces and turnkey projects are installed at glass manufacturers all over the world and serve the production of beverage bottles, food containers, drinking glasses, glass panes, glass tubes, glass fibres and special glass.

With more than 135 years of experience, HORN has been the specialist and expert in the field of the construction of glass melting furnaces for many years, and is now one of the industry leaders in the implementation of turnkey projects.

Subsidiary companies in China, Malaysia, India, Croatia, Ukraine, Brazil and the Czech Republic add value to global customers, offering proximity and prompt response in the global market. Almost 90 per cent of HORN’s products are exported from Plößberg in Upper Palatinate to more than 75 countries worldwide.

Melting furnaces ● Turnkey technological plants ● Project engineering ● Financing and authorisations ● Project management on site ● Training ● Operational support ● Tin baths ● Heating equipment ● Control equipment ● Electric boosting systems ● Batch chargers ● Media supply equipment ● Service works ● Forehearths


HORN offers its customers complete support and a helping hand at all times. HORN offers tailor-made solutions because of a very high level of vertical integration for all its products.
HORN has ventured into unknown areas, e.g. in the construction of its own tin baths and associated equipment. HORN manufactures a large number of products in its workshops in Plößberg:

  • Gas, oxyfuel and heavy oil heating for melting furnaces
  • Electric boosting systems
  • Batch chargers
  • Burners
  • Stirrers
  • Tin baths and tin bath equipment
  • Tweels
  • Dross boxes
  • Waste gas reversing units
  • Control cabinets and SCADA systems.

Horn Glass Industries AG

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