HHH Tempering Resources: dual-belt glass seaming machine

Save production time with the dual-belt glass seaming machine

The seamer quickly removes rough edges before tempering. Watch a glass fabricator operate the sturdy, steel-framed machine for flawless glass results in the video below:

The dual-belt seamer from HHH Tempering Resources fits a range of glass projects with an ideal working size of 26 x 73 x 50 in. Optional features include:

  • Caster table
  • Dust-collection unit

Visit the product page to get complete dimension, power and features specification. You can email yourself or a team member product information or compare the dual-belt glass seaming machine to other fabrication equipment.

Have additional questions about adding the HHH Tempering glass seaming machine to your production line? Connect with the technical team at HHH Tempering Resources: e-mail info@hhhtempering.com or visit hhhtempering.com.