Heye welcomes Cadres en Mission as new sales agent

Heye welcomes the French company Cadres en Mission as new sales agent in its Glass People community.

As representative to the market Mrs. Mélanie Basset will manage all Heye PlantPilot and Quality Control Software (QCLab) sales projects.

Mrs. Basset has a long-time experience in the container glass industry especially for plant management systems.

Heye PlantPilot – intelligent information management
How is our efficiency, which trouble do we have and why? What are the key factors to optimize production and workshops? These are the main questions for plant managers and operators today.
Heye PlantPilot is an information technology and plant management solution that helps to centralise and display all these data.
QCLab – Heye Quality Control Software
The high quality standards on hollow glass articles request various inspections and measurements. The Heye Quality Control Software QCLab facilitates these procedures essentially and gives support to keep the quality of your articles within the given limits.

Heye looks forward to a good cooperation with Mrs. Basset and says “Welcome to the Global Heye Team!”

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