Heye Symposium 2013 on Leadership, Trust and Productivity

The 2013 edition of the Heye Symposium will be focussing on Leadership, Trust and Productivity, with speakers and presentations discussing all aspects of these subjects.

This year’s edition of the Heye Symposium, an invitation-only event taking place near Hannover, Germany, will take place 1-3 December, and focus on Leadership, Trust and Productivity.
Leadership – setting goals and the ability to motivate people is the basis for success. Germany’s most renowned management professor Reinhard Sprenger will discuss his innovative approach to this subject. The Ardagh Group’s leadership vision and the role of core values will be another highlight.
Trust is the prerequisite for partnership, such as the story of Sivesa and Heye – partners for 40 years. The symposium includes presentations about the Ardagh Group’s leadership vision, the story of Heye’s partnership with Mexican group Sivesa for the past 40 years and about innovations in inspection technology.
Productivity means competitiveness and financial payoff and looks at information management, innovative equipment and new processes in production, helping to reach goals.
The event also includes a visit to a Heye workshop and visit of an Ardagh glass plant.