Heye: “quality is at the controls”

The Heye QCLab software solution is designed to evaluate the quality status and appraise the future trend of container glass production. All resulting data is linked both to the production line and to mould number. In combination with the Heye plant management system, it is now possible to have a complete overview on production in terms of quality and efficiency.

The increasing quality requirements require constant evaluation and improvement of quality levels. Hence, quality control and process observation have become more important. The information resulting from statistical quality control draws conclusions regarding the quality level and gives the opportunity to identify and control possible improvements regarding the production process.
The quality of glass production is usually ensured by inspection machines in the cold end, such as the Heye SmartLine. But the major focus of these machines is to inspect defects which can be appear and disappear from one second to another. In addition, many inspection modules used right now are dedicated to inspection only, and these inspection results are not significant enough to evaluate the quality trend. Furthermore, some quality data, such as weight or fill level, are not measurable on these inline-inspection machines. This missing data is typically collected in the laboratory or by offline-inspection by periodical test series.
The Heye QCLab software solution is designed to provide the opportunity to evaluate the quality status and to appraise the future trend. Improvement results are recorded and a reduction of production costs can result. The QCLab is well adapted to the requirements of container glass production, with data linked to the production line as well as to mould number. QCLab records all measured values and calculate charts such as Gaussian curve, box plot, scatter plot or quality control chart for evaluation. These charts give an overview on current production quality and are helpful to evaluate the potential for further improvements. They are also an indicator on how quality can be in the future, enabling to react before starting to lose production due to poor quality. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of investigating if improvements were successful.
Predefined and free definable tests provide a record of all required measuring values of products. The values can be entered manually or transmitted by an interface of the measuring devices. Interfaces to different automatic laboratory machines are also available. In this respect, together with particular measuring devices, the Heye QCLab fulfils the statistical quality control requirements of a glass plant.
According to the measured values and in correlation to previous measurements, the software creates charts for evaluation and test reports. These data confirm the quality level of the production and gives the chance to document that the production is under control. The test series data is then stored in a database and is protected against manipulation, thus providing proof of quality at any time.
In combination with the Heye plant management system, a complete overview on production quality and efficiency is now possible

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