Heye International: Industry 4.0 in container glass production

At this year’s edition of glasstec in October, Heye International will be presenting a series of ideas regarding container glass manufacturing. One of these is information integration, which involves the use of sensors, the processing and intelligent analysis of collected data.

Industry 4.0 is a major trend on everyone’s lips, referring to the fourth industrial revolution. Projects have been started in many companies. In Germany, the biggest industry organizations have set-up a common platform for the application of the strategic growth potential of this development.  Experts believe that Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution could be implemented in full width in about 10 to 20 years.
Heye International is busy to adapt the best concepts to container glass manufacturing. An interesting bunch of ideas will be presented during this year’s glasstec exhibition in Duesseldorf.
One big area of innovation is information integration. This means the use of sensors, the processing of collected data and the intelligent analysis. The Heye Plant Pilot is the answer to the challenge of information integration. This solution is a continuous further development if the Heye Information system. Now, the Heye Plant Pilot offers control for different user levels, presented on mobile and stationary devices. The Plant Pilot, with all its features, supports the group director who wants to know the performance of all plants, primary by mobile. The plant manager can be monitored the plant efficiency and quality level. The department manager can manage his department in terms of maintenance and improvements and not to forget the operator, who can react quickly thanks to the Plant Pilot’s information delivered.
Higher safety comes along with the new technologic possibilities. At a global level, safety standards are rising. Manual intervention in an IS-machine has been daily business. Now, we have the possibility to increase the number of safety sensors and process data-recording sensors. Manual intervention declines. The Heye Process Control with new features and new sensors to increase the production safety is a major foundation in this context. Apart from high speed at top quality, high safety was one of the key requirements for the design of the Heye SpeedLine IS-machine. More sensors, improved user interfaces and a clear, functional design structure make this machine more intelligent, safer and more productive.
Machine building in times of change is an exciting subject. Heye engineers are looking forward to apply the best concepts to the container glass production.

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