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Heye: BlankSideRobot – Safe, reliable and precise swabbing

Heye BlankSideRobot: automatic swabbing for higher product quality and efficiency with the new KUKA robot.

The BlankSideRobot is the latest in a series of equipment developments from Heye International, aimed at optimising the glass container production process. In combination with the company’s Multilevel Safety and Protection Concept, the SpeedLine IS-Machine increases work safety, in addition to providing higher product quality and improved productivity.

The direction of travel, oil level, general operating status, operating mode and countdown to the start of the robot are displayed by the LEDs. Particular attention was paid to both safety of the operator and safety (non- destruction) of the IS mechanisms and spraying tool.

Heye uses a breakaway magnetic coupling. If there is actual contact between the invert and the lubricating head, the front part of the tool detaches from the magnetic coupling on the lubricating tool. A catch rope, similar to the rims in Formula 1, prevents the lubricating tool from falling uncontrolled into the machine.


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