HEGLA enters 2019 consolidating its leading market position.

The HEGLA group saw many positive developments in 2018 that not only focused on improving customer profit margins but also on the possibilities and prosperity of the industry.

Demand for products in the HEGLA range grew throughout 2018 particularly across the UK, with industry accreditation and satisfied customers. The company’s automated systems will continue to evolve as the all-important Industry 4.0 begins to gather momentum on a global scale. Streamlining production methods with faster output and better quality will provide customers with greater potential.

The launch of AGV’s and the new StreamLam help to achieve greater results in a faster timescale. The latter can achieve a 30% greater output in LSG cutting than conventional cutting lines.

The modern software solutions from HEGLA-HANIC simplify production control, whilst innovations including the laser-assisted glass finish and marking from HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. give excellent technical advantages to a production line.

Bernhard Hoetger, COO, HEGLA group, commented that the new business partnerships and developments in automation have been successful milestones for the company, which has unified the organisation as it prepares to gain further ground next year. HEGLA now offers triple the advantages from under one roof.

The company recognises that great strength lies in a strong team and one of the signature developments is consistent employee evaluation and training support. Career opportunities have never been better at the HEGLA group with the graduate schemes, mentorships and apprenticeships offered that have seen the team grow substantially to reflect the progressive approach to the industry. Senior management believes that the opportunity to support younger professionals demonstrates their valuable contribution to this business sector as a whole.