H Jarvis ‘smashes’ record month with strong support from Sealco

Window fabricator H Jarvis enjoyed its biggest September this century and its hardware supplier, independent distributor Sealco, helped meet high demand with consistent on-time delivery and exceptional customer service.

“September orders were up even higher than our peaks of 2002 and 2007, and Sealco maintained delivery to our factories in Marske-by-Sea and Glasgow no matter how big the orders,” says Dave Glendinning, Managing Director of H Jarvis.
“Sealco’s hardware has been on-time every time since we started working with them, but it’s only after a month like this that we really see the value of a good supplier.  We smashed our forecasts and that might have caused difficulties in supply, but Sealco kept us steady throughout the month.”
Specialising as a fabricator to new build developers, H Jarvis needs a broad range of window and door hardware for customers ranging from Aberdeen to Sheffield.
The company began working with Sealco in 2015 and was impressed by its ability to put together competitive packages from major suppliers.
“We prefer GU for tilt & turn, Trojan for our hinges and Yale door locks.  Sealco puts everything together into a comprehensive hardware package.  And because they hold plenty of stock, they’re able to service the needs of both of our factories.”
Alan Malcolm, Sales Director at Sealco, adds: “We make sure we hold large amounts of stock for exactly this kind of situation.  We’re here to support customers like H Jarvis as they grow, so it’s great to demonstrate exactly how good a quality of service we offer.”