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Guardian Launches SunGuard® SNR 35 and SunGuard® SNR 50 coated glass

New products balance neutral aesthetic and superior performance

Guardian Glass North America has launched two new products in its commercial range of double silver coated glass: Guardian Glass North America coated glass.

SunGuard SNR 50 and SunGuard SNR 35 coated glass both provide a remarkable low solar heat gain, a neutral silver appearance and stunning neutral reflectivity, providing options for architects to use individually or in different areas of a project to achieve a specific aesthetic and make their designs come alive.

“Architects were invited throughout the product development process to review samples of SNR 50 and SNR 35, and their responses were very favourable,” said Darijo Babic, Architectural Sales Director, Guardian Glass North America. “The products are already being specified, a good indicator of industry acceptance. We look forward to sharing these projects.”

SunGuard® SNR 35 coated glass – the imagee is an artistic renderings intended to represent the reflected and transmitted colour of the glass in real use conditions, actual results may vary

The products provide a range of performance features: SNR 50 offers a balance of medium reflectivity and neutral aesthetic with a 48 percent visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient; SNR 35 delivers a crisp, reflective look and features a lower solar heat gain coefficient of 0.17 for even better energy saving performance.

“Our projects strive for a sense of belonging and strong contextual relevance,” explained Matthew Z. Leach, AIA, Principal/Senior Designer, Page. “Glass should contribute to the vibrancy of the project while highlighting the adjacent materials as well as the context it reflects. It is important that the colour rendition of reflection be as bright but also as neutral as possible. SunGuard® SNR 50 does this without appearing too dark or too reflective. It’s a very natural, neutral glass, evocative of more classic modern architectural glazing systems. It is as well suited for reflecting bright blue skies as it is for reflecting beautiful, brushy landscapes.”

By combining the classical, neutral aesthetic both at normal and angular incidence with superior energy performance, these new products present attractive exteriors architects seek while helping to provide bright, comfortable interiors.

Designed to be used on the #2 surface of a standard insulating glass unit, SNR 50 and SNR 35 can be paired with a variety of substrates at the following thickness:

  • 5mm to 12mm – Clear and UltraClear® Low-Iron
  • 6mm to 10mm – Green, CrystalGray® and CrystalBlue™

Both products are available heat strengthened or tempered, and on jumbo (130″ x 204″) and super jumbo lites (130″ x 240″) at 6mm–12mm thickness (clear or UltraClear® low-iron glass).

Guardian SunGuard SNR 50 and SNR 35 are available through the Guardian Select® Fabricator network. Visit the website for more information.

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