Guardian Glass – Pema 2 project

Designed by LAAC, the 50-metre-high structure covers almost 19,000 square metres and is a true masterpiece of architectural flair and originality

PEMA’s P2 building is a multifunctional commercial and residential building located in Innsbruck, Austria. Glass plays a very important role in the design and function of the building. The glass chosen for the stunning-looking facçade is Guardian SunGuard® Solar Light Blue 52, which reduces glare from the sun and helps to reduce the demands on the building’s air conditioning, as well as helping to improve control of temperatures inside the structure. The glass is coated with Guardian ClimaGuard® 1.0 on the inner pane, which provides enhanced thermal insulation during colder months.

The design of P2 combines a range of functions within a consciously architectural and yet spatially restricted building. P2 consists of a two-storey base building – which accommodates the new City Library – topped with an eleven-storey disc-shaped tower that houses 173 student apartments. One floor between the base and tower is open to the public, acting as a cultural platform. There is also a public space on the roof that offers additional space for restaurants.

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