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Guardian Glass launches Guardian CrystalClear reduced-iron glass

With the launch of new Guardian‘s CrystalClear glass in North America, architects and designers can answer the broad appeal for a highly transparent glass. More clear and colour neutral than standard float glass and available at a lower price point than conventional low-iron glass, this important new option is ideal for a wide range of applications throughout the building envelope. It performs beautifully for education, healthcare, office, residential, retail and many other settings.

Guardian CrystalClear

  • offers 67 percent greater colour neutrality than standard clear glass – so architects can bring their aspirations to life
  • offers 90 percent visible light transmission – for luminous exteriors and breathtaking views

“We know that everyone can appreciate a clearer, more colour neutral glass, and Guardian CrystalClear surpasses standard clear to deliver that,” said Alan Kinder, director, Commercial Segment & Technical Services for Guardian Glass North America. “Now the look of low-iron is on the table for more projects that might have otherwise settled for less visual impact. This is an attainable upgrade from standard clear glass – in appearance and human experience – that Guardian Glass is proud to offer.”

Guardian CrystalClear rounds out a portfolio of Guardian Glass substrates, which include Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass, standard clear glass, as well as tinted glass options to increase design choice and control.

It combines with select Guardian SunGuard™ low-E coatings to bring attainable neutrality to high-performance buildings, so that architects can finely tune building aesthetics without sacrificing solar and thermal performance requirements. Upon launch, this Guardian CrystalClear glass can be combined with low-E performance coatings including:

• SunGuard SNX 70+
• SunGuard SNX 62/27
• SunGuard SNX 51/23
• SunGuard SN 68
• SunGuard SNR 50
• SunGuard SNE 50

Guardian CrystalClear is available in 6, 8 and 10 millimetre thicknesses and can be produced on jumbo (130 by 204 inch) lites.

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