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Guardian Glass extends its high performance solar control glass range

Guardian Glass has extended its range of high performance solar control glass

New solar control glass from Guardian Glass offers extreme neutrality and the highest light transmission to support architects’ desire for natural daylighting plans.

Guardian Glass has extended its SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ (SN) range of high performance solar control glass with a product that provides the highest light transmission in the portfolio.
Guardian SunGuard SN 75 HT and SN 75 Ultra HT offers, respectively, a light transmission of 75% and 76%, which is 5% and 6% higher than other coated glass products from the Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral range. This high light transmission supports building owners, architects and designers in their effort to effectively introduce more natural daylighting into their projects.
SunGuard SN 75 HT is also aesthetically appealing with its highly desirable, consistent, neutral appearance and low level of outside reflection. Colour neutrality of SunGuard SN 75 Ultra HT is particularly high as it is produced on Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass, providing a much more neutral tone when viewed from both inside and outside the building.
As well as its high light transmission, Guardian SunGuard SN 75 HT provides a low solar factor of 40% and excellent thermal performance – Ug value of 1.0 W/m²K – helping to balance temperature levels of interior rooms throughout the year. Due to this unrivalled combination of properties, SunGuard SN 75 HT contributes to a more comfortable living and working environment.
Nicolas Gouzou, Product Manager at Guardian Glass Europe comments: “People have a natural attraction and need for daylight. Independent studies show that introducing a proper daylighting plan can help increase concentration and have a positive impact on occupant wellbeing, productivity and sense of satisfaction.”

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